Dear Sir/Madam,

Our firm was established in 1992. We specialize in production of goods made of steel wires, pipes, square tubes and sheets.

In our firm we have different kind of machines: wire drawing and straighten machines, eccentric presses, metal working machines, welding machines, etc.

We have two workshops with 750 m2 of total floor space.

Constant development of our firm results in high quality of our products, increase of production amount and number of our customers, both domestic and foreign ones.

Presenting this offer we invite you to cooperation.

We offer:
- drawing of wire with diameter from Ø2 to Ø8 together with straightening and cutting with specified length,
- welded products made of wire, pipes, square tubes and metal sheets,
- products made in process of metal machining.

Moreover in constant production we offer:
- wire cabinets,
- shop baskets,
- semi-finished products for prams,
- baby safety fences for fireplaces,
- baby playpens
- barbecue